I am Giovanna, the Mother of this Bed and Breakfast. I am passionate about cooking, travel and animals. I am precise, lover of order and I love to play around in the kitchen, always trying to perfect and offer something new. With the help of what I have learned in the many trips with my famil, I will be pleased to prepare great breakfasts, whether you have two or four legs “


I’m Enzo, a freelancer of Milan, and Città Alta is my Locus Amoenus. My hobbies include traveling , reading and mountain in all its aspects . I love collecting books about places of my holiday . In fact I think travel must be organized carefully , trying to find out especially the lesser known aspects but the most characteristic places . I like to always be prepared on what I do and my motto is – if you have to do something or you do it right or you do it right –


I’m Lorenzo , frequent the faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan , but I have not been Nerded ( at least not completely ) . Although I am a computer enthusiast I don’t like video games and I like to play sports, expecially with my friends . I love playing guitar , playing basketball and spending time with my dog ​​. I like to joke and I think – a day without laughter is a day wasted – (cit. Charlie Chaplin) “


I’m Silvia , the baby of the family.  I am eighteen and I attend the last year at the Liceo Scientifico Lorenzo Mascheroni and I dream of becoming a pediatrician . I share with all members of my family the passion for animals and travel . I love hang out with my friends and in fact I know the best places to have fun in Bergamo and its surroundings. I will be able to advise what is right for you “


* Bau! *